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healthy, chef-prepared meals

non-gmo & organic ingredients

precisely measured portions

always fresh, never frozen

delivered straight to your door

no contracts or cookie cutter plans

our story


as a teenager, I weighed 265+ lbs. since then, I've lost over 115 lbs and successfully kept it off by drastically changing my lifestyle. My whole foods diet, which centers on unprocessed, non-GMO and organic ingredients, has had the biggest impact on my health. I launched nourished meal prep to share my passion for truly clean food and spread awareness about the importance of what we choose to put into our bodies.


for most of my life, I struggled with addiction. I was poisoning myself and had no regard for my health. while in recovery, I realized that wellbeing starts from within. I made the decision to start taking care of my body by overhauling my diet. along the way, I learned about the significance of clean eating & how that goes hand-in-hand with overall health. with stella, I founded nmp to offer meals that nourish from the inside, out.