frequently asked questions

We have a deadline because all of our meals are made to order. All orders must be submitted in advance so we can source the freshest non-GMO and organic ingredients specifically for your order, then prep, cook and portion it all.

order by 12 pm on Sunday for tuesday delivery.

order by 12 pm on Wednesday for Friday delivery. 

the current available delivery/pick-up dates are shown at checkout. if you missed the deadline, you’ll have to pick the next available date. 

yes. first, select the meals you’d like for the first delivery/pick-up date and then choose the desired delivery/pick-up date at checkout. once you checkout, repeat the process for the second delivery/pick-up date.

If you choose delivery/pick up on Tuesday AND Friday, we recommend ordering 3 days’ worth of meals for Tuesday to last you until Friday. Then for Friday, order 4 days’ worth of meals to last until the following Tuesday.

If you want to eat NMP for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day (3 meals/day), order the following quantities:
Tuesday: 9 meals
Friday: 12 meals
Total meals ordered: 21

Or if you want to skip the weekend, but still want breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays only (3 meals/day) order the following quantities:
Tuesday: 9 meals
Friday: 6 meals
Total meals ordered: 15

if you choose delivery/pick-up once per week, on Tuesday OR Friday, please keep in mind our meals will stay fresh in the refrigerator up to 5 days. Meals that will be consumed within 5 days can be stored in the refrigerator; any meals that will not be consumed within 5 days SHOULD BE FROZEN [our meals keep fresh in the freezer for up to 4 weeks]. check out our meal safety guidelines for more info.

Promo codes and coupons may be entered at the cart and checkout pages.

gift certificate codes may be entered at the checkout page.

because we make our meals in large batches, we cannot customize individual meals.

however, our bulk items are customizable. you can choose the seasoning and weight for our proteins. our bulk options are great for those who are following very specific diets. with our bulk options, you can mix and match to create your own custom meals at home. 

please order at your own risk, as we cannot customize individual meals.

all items are prepared on shared equipment in a facility that processes milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, seeds, soy, coconut, wheat and other allergens. cross-contamination is possible.  

we do not guarantee that items are free from allergens.  we do not guarantee that items which do not contain certain allergens in their ingredients list have not had contact with those allergens.